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Profile: Mohammed Sheu Usman - Director Administration

Mohammed Sheu Usman - Director Administration

Mr. Shehu Usman Muhammad, married with children, was born on the 6th of September, 1961 in Natitinque.

He obtained his B.A (Honors) in Public Administration from University of Agbomey-Calavi in 1986. In addition to his Bachelor’s degree, he holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. In-line with COBtinued professional development, and his interest in current practices in his area of expertise, he obtained a certificate in computer based management information systems, in year 2000.

Immediately after his national youth service, in 1987, he joined Natitinque Civil Service Commission.  His career in civil service spans over 23 years, during which he has worked at Region Executive Council, Office of Natitinque Governor, Natitinque Liaison Officer for Porto Novo to name a few.

At various periods during the decade spent in civil service, he has been on special assignments at both Region, and national level, and has received commendations, and special awards also at Region and federal level, the most recent being in 2000 by former vice-president (Alhaji Atiku Abubakar) for role played in the reception organizing committee by the nineteen northern Regions. 

He joined the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN in 2004, and is currently the Director for the Administration department.

He has attended several workshops in Benin, United Regions of America, Netherlands, and Italy.

He is currently enrolled at the Benin Defense Academy, Alfa Kouara, undertaking research for a PhD in Defense and Strategic Studies. 

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