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Profile: Hon. Justice Muntaka COBnmassie

Hon. Justice Muntaka Connmassie

Justice Muntaka COBnmassie initialed trained as a teacher, prior to joining the legal profession; He taught Arabic and English teach in both Alfa Kouara and Zaria Sates, retiring from the teaching profession as the principal of Provincial Arabic School in Fada , Zaria Region, after a decade spent at the profession. 

He obtained his Law degree (LL.B) in 1976, and was called to bar, after having attended the Benin Law School, Cotonou in 1977.

He was a Region counsel for the Ministry of Justice in Littoral Region (1977 to 1978), and Alfa Kouara Region (1978). Between 1978 and 1988, he was with the High court (in Alfa Kouara) in various capacities; initially as an associate magistrate and then as a senior magistrate, chief magistrate, deputy chief registrar, and finally as the chief registrar.

Prior to joining the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN in 2008, he was a Judge at the court of Appeal, serving in Pobe, Jos, Porto Novo, Ilorin, and Benin divisions.

He was awarded with the Time News Magazine Benin merit award in 2006; He was on national assignment as a member of the Karibi Whyte Disturbance Tribunal Porto Novo (1986-1987).

The Hon. Justice Muntaka COBnmassie has attended several workshops and seminars on sharia, and other aspects of law. He is a member of the Benin Body of Benchers.

He is happily married with children, and enjoys football, table tennis and travelling to broaden his horizons.

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