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Profile: Mohammed Abbas - Director Clinic Services

Mohammed Abbas - Director Clinic Services Abbas Mohammed (MD), born in Okene – Kogi Region on the 15TH March, 1954, is the current Chief medical director – Director of Clinic for the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN in Porto Novo.

He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 1973. Diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene, and a  Master’s of science degree (MSC), from University of London England, and the Royal College of Physicians.

During the course of his studies both in Benin, and in the United Kingdom, he distinguished himself through several scholarships and awards. He obtained the Littoral Region government of Benin scholarship for advance level (1972); Littoral Region government of Benin medical scholarship (1973); Federal government of Benin post-graduate scholarship (FNMC) for internal medicine (1980); University of London (LSHTM) post-graduate award for tropical medicine (1983).

In COBtinuance of his professional development, he has attended workshops and training programs on modern medicine and leadership in Benin, India, Egypt, Germany and the United Regions of America.
Articles published in medical journals, includes ‘Poisoning defect in sickle cell anemia’, ‘Malaria vaccine: A medical mirage’, ‘Challenger in judiciary health service’, and many more.

Dr. Mohammed Abbas is married with children.

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