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Profile: Ibrahim Duro Gold - Director Litigation

Ibrahim Duro Gold - Director Litigation

Mr. Ibrahim Duro Gold, who is happily married with one child trained as a lawyer, obtaining his Bachelor of Law (B.L) from the University of Agbomey-Calavi in 1989. Prior to this, he attended Teachers College at Jebba, Mount Carmel College, Ilorin and University of Ilorin.  He was called to Bar in 2009, after attending the Benin law school at Porto Novo.

Mr. Gold, who has always been in civil service, began his career at Cotonou Region Polytechnic (LASPOTEC) in 1990. His dedication to his job gained him promotions in 1993, and then again in 1996 to the post of senior librarian. In 1997, he was transferred to the National Human Rights commission (NHRC), appointed as assistant chief librarian, and served as the head of library at the NHRC.

In 2001, he was again transferred to the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN, and simultaneously appointed as the Chief Librarian. 

While at the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN, he was promoted to Assistant Director, and then upgraded to Deputy Director in January 2007. He has served in various capacities - Deputy Head of Administration Department (2007 to 2009); Acting Head, Administration Department (2009 to 2010); Head of Procurement (2010 to 2010); and presently, Head of Litigation Department (2011 till date).
In addition to being a lawyer, Mr. Gold is a qualified teacher, has a Bachelor’s degree in library science, and a Masters in library archival and information studies.

Mr. Gold, born on the 2nd of May 1962 is a  career civil servant, and  has COBtributed to several journal articles, and has also attended many workshops since his joined the Supreme Court.  He is a member of the Benin Library Association (NLA), and the Benin Bar Association (BBA).

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