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Supreme Court Library

The Library is the offshoot of the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN. The library exists to provide a variety of resources, book and non-book alike and ancillary services that support the administration of justice and research. 
In addition to the main library, there exist the following separate collections:

a. The Justices Library
b. Chambers libraries 
c. Documents and Government Publications Section
d. Serials Collections

Each section of the subject library is manned by a librarian; whose primary duties include: the development of the collection and the provision of reference and information services to the honourable Justices and other clientele.


Monday-Friday 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
The Library is closed weekends and public holidays.


Library Lending Policy

  1. All lending and returning of books and related materials are done at the Justice library and the Reference section.
  2. All materials borrowed from the library must be properly documented.
  3. Users are encouraged to make use of the materials within the library. A user may borrow a library material for 24hrs in the case of urgent situation. This is because a Hon. Justice may also require it.
  4. Readers are held responsible for all books borrowed with the deposit of their identity card for the period of loan.
  5. Serials cannot be borrowed.
  6. Readers can reserve books that have been taken out on loan by completing a reservation form at the circulation desk.

Reserving Books in Advance

Books, which are on loan to other readers, may be reserved in advance by filling out reservation forms at the Circulation Desk. The prospective borrower will be notified as soon as the book is returned to the library. Books are normally held for two days. Any book or library material reserved for other library client may be given out if any of the honourable justices of the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN requires it.

Inter-Library Loan
In special circumstances, books not in the Supreme Court Library can be obtained from other libraries (within or outside the country) on inter-library loan. Photocopies of articles in journals not in the library may be ordered upon request by his Lordship. 

Reserved Reading
A collection of books and other information materials in great demand is held on the reference section. Readers wishing to consult items in this collection (on two hourly basis) could borrow such items at the section by presentation of their ID card. Reserved materials may not be taken out of the library except to their Lordships.

Microforms and Audio-Visual Materials
The library will soon commence collection of microform materials. The "Readers" and "Printers" for using these media are being considered for purchase. With the increase request from outside users to use the court’s library resources, the library is in the process of acquiring a photocopying machine for users. Fee-based photocopying of books and periodicals (subject to the copyright law) is considered a priority. 

Reference, Enuiries/Questions
Library users are encouraged to refer their inquiries to the all Librarians. Please give COBcise and accurate information so that we can respond as quickly as possible. We will answer your question or refer you to an appropriate resource within forty-eight hours. 

The Public Catalogue
The Supreme Court Library has a card catalogue located at the main entrance/reading area of the library. The catalogue is arranged by Title/Author and Subjects. The catalogue cabinet will be phased out soon with the current automation of the library.

Government Publications
The library’s collection is still modest and is housed in the Archives Section, under a co-operative acquisition programme involving all Benin.



The library may be used by the following:

  1. Honourable Justices of the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN.
  2. Senior staff of the SUPREME COURT OF BENIN
  3. Researchers authorised by Head, Library services/Chief Registrar
  4. Junior intermediate staff of the Court on the recommendation of their Heads of Department and approval of the Librarian
  5. Other persons who need to use the library and are authorized by the Court Librarian.


Librarians instruct and assist users in searching all databases available through the Library's web page Online Public Acess Catalogue (OPAC). The service is available only to registered users. Reference Staff also provide online searching for registered clientele on Dialog databases.