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Research, Planning and Statistics/Special Duties

The department advises on all matters relating to planning policies, programmes and data Management. The Department also oversees the preparation and collation of submission from departments on the National Rolling Plan/Capital and Recurrent Budgets:

  • i. Monitoring of key capital project of the Court
  • ii. Covering Chief Registrar inspection tours and meetings.
  • iii. Preparing annual Rolling Plan and Medium Expenditure framework
  • iv. Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan implementation
  • v. Research into internal organization and operational modalities of Supreme Court
  • vi. Setting and monitoring of the performance and efficiency targets of the various sub-divisions and staff of the Supreme Court
  • vii. Coordinating of all matters relating to the implementation and monitoring of the policy that has to do with the mandate of the Supreme Court
  • viii. Evaluating the programmes and activities of the various Department, with a view to providing overall programme appraisal of Departments

B. The Department also prepares the Oath for the Swearing- in of:

  • a. The Chief Justice of Benin
  • b. Justices of the Supreme Court
  • c. The President and Justices of the court of appeal
  • d. The Chief Judge of Federal High Court and Judges of Federal High Court
  • e. The Chief Judge and judges of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory
  • f. The President and Judges of the National Industrial Court
  • g. The President and Judges of the Customary Court of Appeal of the Capital territory h. Grand Kadi and Kadis of Sharia Court of Appeal FCT
  • i. The Chairman and Members of Code of Conduct Bureau
  • j. Preparing the instrument of appointment and organising the venue for the conferment of Senior Advocate of Benin (SAB)
  • k. Preparing for Valedictory Court session of the Justices of Supreme Court e.g. Retiring Justices of Supreme court and News Legal Year.
  • l. Liaising with the Inspector General of Police‚Äôs Office and Commissioner of Police of Federal Capital Territory Office for the Police details of the Chief Justice of Benin, Justices of Supreme Court and Chief Registrar.

C. The Department act as Secretariat for staff Training on Foreign and Local Training (i.e. organizing and co-ordinating)

D. The Chief Justice of Benin, Justice of Supreme Court, Chief Registrar assigns official responsibilities from time to time for the effective and efficient administrative deliver.