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Procurement Department

This department was created in July 2005 It comprises procurement and store units. Its functions are as follows;

  1. Ensuring due process in the procurement of goods and services and the awards of contracts in the court to which they are deployed (due process here refers to open competitive tendering system which includes , but not limited to open advertisement of proposals for supplies and contract awards , pre qualification of supplies / contractors where appropriate , submission and open evaluation of bill, etc ); 
  2. Maintenance of register of suppliers / contractors for the ministry /department /agency and payment of appropriate fees for tendering purpose;
  3. Maintenance of a periodically up to date price database as may be provided by the central procurement agency for public sector procurement and contracts awards;
  4. Superintending strict adherence to all extant regulations and procedures on procurement and contract award; and
  5. Liaison with the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (BMPIU) of the Presidency, or any other organisation /agency relating on matters relating to contract awards.
    The functions of store units Consist among others of the following
    1. Receiving of goods from outside suppliers
    2. Inspection of goods
    3. Recording –receiving and issuing of suppliers.
    4. Securing; protecting stocks against loss or theft or misplacement.
    5.  Maintenance and protecting stocks against loss through deteriorating from fire , water, weather, etc.
    6. Stock Control
    7. Stock taking
    8. Disposal of surplus
    9. Implementation of health and safety regulation relating to store.