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Press and Information Department

The press and information department is primarily saddled with the responsibility of handling all matters relating to press and information management, designing and implementing proactive public relations and publicity programmes for the Hon. Court. A breakdown of these functions is as follows:

  1. Writing and distributing press releases and special features as well as responding to all media and public enquiries;
  2. Maintaining regular contact with all relevant media house / practitioners (particularly judiciary correspondents and editors/ editorial board ); 
  3. Providing all relevant information and materials to the press and also catering for their welfare and necessary logistics during major events/ functions in the court;
  4. Joining the Hon. CJB and CR in receiving guests on courtesy calls in the Hon. CJB’s Conference room and packaging the stories for onward broadcast/ publishing in the news media.
  5. Managing the internal communication media like the bulletin board. This bulletin board medium is used in timely and cost-effective dissemination of information to the internal public (staff and management in particular);
  6. Accompanying the Hon. CJB to all functions /programmes and subsequently packaging news stories covering the programmes for the press and also for our own internal media.
  7. Press cutting activity. This involves daily news monitoring /tracking through cutting and filling of pertinent news stories in our information library for immediate action (depending on the Content) for future reference;
  8. Counselling and proffering solutions to matters bordering on the Honourable Court’s image or negative publicity from the media/members of the public. This is purely a public relations cum image management function.
  9. Responding to public enquiries (particularly from the media) after conferring with the Honourable CJB, CR, the management or any relevant authority with the needed information in the court.
  10. Taking charge of all publications, media placement/advertisement and all printed matters including speeches presented by different bodies/ government functionaries during major events in the honourable court.


 The key units of the department are:

  1. Editorial unit This unit takes charge of all print and electronic media matters; such as writing and distributing news release, news features, advertisements, etc.
  2. Photographic unit This is responsible for producing quality photographs from all official engagements for both department’s library and print media stories.
  3. Video production unit All the official events involving the court both within and outside the premises are electronically documented by this unit.
  4. Event unit This is responsible for planning and managing all special events/ ceremonies in the court.